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Hello and welcome to my site! If you’re like me and if you came here there is a very good chance you are, I like the brass tacks of things just getting right down to it and to the point. So here it is.

 Limu is a liquid health and immune support supplement that taste really good! And it contains a supper nutrient that is called Fucoidan (The good stuff!) I will tell you point blank it works! However it will not and cannot if you are not drinking it.

 And hear is the best part! Signup right now and I will give YOU FREE you’re very own Limu distributorship! Yes I said FREE! With three automated websites with the name YOU choose imbedded in them!

 And trust me I’m not talking about a rinky-dink radio shack one either! Nope these sites are high end! Over $250,000 was spent on these sites! They are protected by high end incription and are on servers behind locked doors!

 This is provided for you and you’re customers for peace of mind knowing that no ill things will happen to your information. Now, the reason I am even telling you of this is this Limu product works!

 I have been drinking it since 2005 and I feel wonderful! And I really never gave it much thought at first but now thinking about it I have not had so much as a sniffle since taking it! I mean I have not been sick what so ever! And during that type of time frame normally I would have had some type of cold or something.

 Now here is the real plus, three months ago we launched a new weight management system and it works in a VERY BIG WAY! I myself already knew the original worked and I sure needed to lose weight so I tried it, and in my first three weeks I lost 23lb’s! I am now 45lbs lighter! Yep I take up a lot less space now!

 The simplicity of it is what I like, you simply make and drink a shake twice a day to replace the meals of your choice when you drink the wonderful tasting vanilla and chocolate shake you are not hungry and when you get that afternoon want to take a nap feeling we provide you with a wonderful tasting herbal tea apatite suppressant that also taste very good!

 And then comes the wonderful monthly cleanse it does not keep you near a bathroom and is not agitating to your system at all; you drink this wonderful lemon cleanse for seven nights and watch the results you will love it!

So now that you have all the information on Lean, we also have 3 other products that you will be sure to want to try, why not start with all three!


 Here’s the deal, NO BULL system I have for you, all you must do is get my wonderful product that really works that you will be using anyway, and I will provide YOU a the full blown income earning REAL business FOR FREE!!! 3 websites! With back office to track all of your personnel earnings and bonuses! FREE!! So which chose which do you want to do? Get in shape, or make money?

 99.9% that I pose this question to do not hesitate yelling “I WANT TO DO BOTH!”

You won't find promises of overnight Fortune here..

but you will find true stories from professionals and ordinary people who have found remarkable wellness, unexpected income, and surprising wealth by drinking and sharing "Limu" & "Blu" & "Lean". 

Participating in wellness, and what experts predict will be the next TRILLION dollar industry is rewarding, but you know what?  The Limu INCOME Opportunity is transforming lives with surprising residual income growth. A couple who had previously lived in a mobile home was able to buy a multi-acre estate in less than four they own it debt free and are millionaires.  Grandmothers who initially wanted only to feel better, have created monthly residual incomes of several thousands of dollars a month. 
I know what you may be thinking; let’s address this right now!
 Isn’t Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme? 
I am asked this all the time and just love it. Here is my answer, companies and corporations are the pyramid schemes. They only have one person at the top that one person has everyone else below him working to make him and the company wealthier.
And the very reason our economy is in the dumpster now!
A true network marketing business is the opposite of the normal business model. A network marketing business is set up to bring you to the top. Not to have you stuck in the same earning spot with little or no hope of ever making more than you are. A real network marketing business in order to be successful brings you to the top and is what we do every day at Limu!


Want a Recession-Proof Job?
Think Direct Sales!

A front-page article in the 5/14/09 issue of USA TODAY highlighted what has been a hallmark of our direct sales industry … companies like Limu offer a home-based opportunity that is recession-resistant. As the economy continues to stagnate in 2009 - 2010, the prospect of a home-based business being a real Limu life-saver for families in financial distress grows … and you owe it to yourself and everyone you know to tell our story.

As noted in the USA TODAY article, “direct sales businesses that rely on home-based representatives … are seeing their sales forces rapidly expand as the nation's unemployment rate soars to nearly 9% and those who lost jobs and nest eggs look for new ways to make money.”

In that article, Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association, says “We're recession-resistant in the sense that more people come to us during economic hard times for supplemental income or replacement of a lost job. Anecdotally we're hearing that recruitment is up and unfortunately, as the unemployment rate rises to 10% or higher, we'll be picking up more people who need an income-earning opportunity."

“It’s a fact that the recession we’re living through is affecting many people across the country every day. That means we have an even greater obligation to bring our Limu,Blu & Lean opportunity to people who are struggling financially,” says Gary J. Raser, President and CEO. “This is the time when we can most make a difference in lives, when we can really help people create a new future.”

The people affected in this difficult economy are everywhere … from students trying to pay for continuing college educations, to new graduates unable to find a first job, to young professionals receiving no raises or promotions … from working adults fearing the possible loss of a job or a reduction in hours, to established professionals who have already been forced to take a pay cut … from women that need to find a way to earn money and supplement their family income, to retirees who have seen a significant loss in their nest egg retirement funds or portfolios.

In the article, it notes that “Direct selling is a fluid industry, with only 10% of representatives working ‘full-time’ or at least 30 hours a week. But some who work in or watch the industry believe the severity of this recession may cause more sellers to stick with it, even when the economy rebounds, at least as a way to supplement their income.”

“Tens of millions are being affected by this recession in some way,” says Raser. “And most of those people are actively looking for a Plan B that may in fact become their Plan A, because their jobs and their quality of life are at risk. It’s a whole new world for lots of good people, and Limu, Blu & Lean is a great financial rescue package for all of them.”

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You see Limu has three products! Limu, Blu Frog & LimuLean! 
 By the way let me ask you, what are the odds of a company like Red Bull paying you for recommending their energy drinks to others? I can tell you it’s a BIG 0!  Blu Frog Energy drink will! Just Click here now for more information and to get started! And you can start getting paid for every can sold under your recommendation! FOR REAL!

   Yes, This is REAL! 

It's real for all those sharing this amazing product.






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 My name is Todd Sinnard, Wow I’m glad you made the decision to visit my site and see for your self what the Limu & Blu Frog opportunity is all about. It’s two fold in reality.


 What do I mean its two fold you ask? Well not only will you be able to drink and feel the benefits that Limu and Blu Frog will make with you mind and body you will also discover very quickly how much money you can pack in your bank account!


 Listen I am the type of person that will tell you straight I shoot form the hip, and anyone that knows me will tell you right out that you will not pull fast ones on me! Why do I say this? Because I want you to know that this is the absolute best fully automated business I have ever done! Hands Down!


 Business you mite be saying now? Yes I said business; you see when you make the best dicision of your life to start drinking Limu & Blu Frog you will automatically become eligible to earn commit ions!


 That means that as you drink and share this wonderful highly nutritional health and energy drink with others they also like you will want to get it and share it with others!

I know this because my business grew WAY BIGGER than I had ever thought it would!


 And all I have ever done was “Drink Share & Teach” and that is all I would ever expect of you! Because that is all it takes to make really good money living with Limu & Blu Frog!


 Now am I saying you will get rich over night? Of Corse not, although it is quite possible and there are others in this wonderful business that have had this type of success I would say that it is way more likely that in one to 3 years you will be asking your self why you keep driving to your same old mundane job every day, why bother!


 So I'm telling you right now you will be very successful with Limu! However you can not earn commissions if you are not a distributor! I know for experience that you are now saying to your self oh I see this is going to cost me money to do this!


 No, what you are paying for is your own product that you would be buying anyway so you can drink it and get the benefits! That’s all no more! I can tell you right now, I grew up with my mother and father running a traditional business they did it and kept it up and running for 33 years!


 And there is NO WAY you can on your own, start your own business that is totally automated like I'm offering you now for the price of the product you will be drinking anyway!


 I will be sending you Checks every week! I will provide you with your own website just like this one <CLICK HERE> with your name imbedded in it so there is no way you will not get credit when your friends and associates sign up!  


 I will also give you toll free numbers that you can put on your business cards along with your new web site that persons you give your cards can call and in your behalf our staff of real people will answer all your persons questions and sign them up under YOU!


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So what is Limu, you ask? 

Limu is a delicious natural nutritional drink that comes from the brown sea plant, known as Limu Moui. It is harvested from the pristine waters of the south pacific ocean off the Tonga Islands. This small region is situated along the equator and holds the distinction of having more healthy centenarians living today than anywhere else on earth.

WHY? The answer may lie in the fact that the Tongan people have maintained a regular diet of Limu Moui for over 3,000 years.

 The Tongan's call LIMU, "Mothers Milk from the Sea".    

 So...How are Thousands of Ordinary People Discovering Extraordinary Residual Income? 

"LIMU & Blu Frog"  

The "LIMU" story was reported by ABC,CBS,NBC and FOX News and other major network media. "Limu's" key ingredient has been called by medical experts as possibly, "the most powerful immune supporting nutrient ever discovered".
TESTIMONIALS: Doctors, Scientists and ordinary People
 Limu is the one product I have gotten the most results from in all my years of practicing medicine. I have been using it with my patients for six months and have seen amazing results. I was initially drawn by the numerous published studies on fucoidan, showing a broad range of benefits. I became impressed with the companys purity testing, ensuring that toxic elements are not present. It fits into my concept of a superfood, which people of all ages can take on a daily basis, deriving benefits from the unique nutritional components. The most common benefit is a greater sense of well-being and stamina. 

- Ron Manzanero, M.D.

Ron Manzanero has been in private practice since 1990. He specializes in integrative medicine and metabolic/endocrine disorders.
In my opinion, I have in my hands the greatest health discovery of our time, even surpassing the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics. My opinion derives from my own health-enhancing experience with Limu as well as the dramatic positive experiences of well over a hundred people with whom I have shared it.  

- Thomas F. Bailey, Ph.D.  
Dr. Thomas F. Bailey holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. He has been involved in product research, development and analysis for more than 25 years.
 listen as an extrordinary person shares how his life changed shortly after a close friend introduced him to Limu.  As an owner of several successful brick and mortar businesses he was earning a very good living long before discovering LIMU. However, after drinking Limu for only a few weeks and experiencing dramatic pain relief from a chronic injury , today he SHARES Original Limu with as many people as he can.
For him and for others who have experienced this powerful natural's an exciting opportunity to make a difference while building an incredible, growing residual income.  Enjoy! 
Look here and watch the video;
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I have found Limu to be very useful to me personally and with my patients, offering a wide range of benefits to people at all levels of health. My experiences with patients support the findings of various in vitro and animal studies. Real-life results are incontrovertible, without negative side effects. The product is not a drug, but a whole food and is non-toxic. I believe it works primarily because the fucoidan and antioxidants in it help boost the immune system. 
 - James S. Grant, M.D.
Dr. James S. Grant has been in private practice since 1990. A specialist in internal medicine, he is a Physician Supervisor at Wadley Regional Medical Center
I went into medicine to help people not only live longer, but also live better. In my 19 years as a physician, I have never seen anything help people improve the quality of their lives as dramatically as Limu. The product lets the body heal and rebalance itself at the cellular and sub-cellular level. I am able to keep many of my patients off pharmaceutical medications, or at the very least, decrease or minimize their use. 
 - Donna Antarr, M.D.
Donna Antarr is a family doctor, international speaker on health and wellness, and a diplomat of the American Board of Quality Assurance & Utilization Review Physicians

  Karen Shilling - Hickory , NC
I am 43 years old. By the grace of God I have survived 2 snakebites, a severe car accident, cervical cancer, a vertebral artery dissection, colon cancer, liver cancer and rectal cancer. Due to the complications of chemo, I have spent the last five years dealing with pain and suffering. Most of my time was spent in the bathroom after eating. I suffered extreme diarrhea after every meal, in excess of 60 times a day, which in turn led to dehydration then collapse. My body could not handle the trauma so it shut down.

My family has dealt with this situation the best way they know how, through prayer and support. After years of trying to find the (CURE) the doctors pretty much gave up on my situation. They had me on every kind of medication you could possibly imagine for anxiety, depression, pain, diarrhea, muscle spasms, headaches and sleeplessness. I was dealing with all of this plus a permanent colostomy. Two Friends of mine knew my situation and tried to share Limu with me, finally after their persistence I tried Limu, after my first complete day drinking Limu all of my symptoms disappeared. I no longer have diarrhea, pain or suffering. I have so much energy, that my husband says I bounce off the walls. Praise God! Please don't let this nectar from God pass you by. I only wish I had listened sooner. Thank You Limu!!!!           

Patricia Allen McGill, Houston, TX

Limu Helps Sickle Cell Patient Regain Blood Count

I am a sickle cell anemia patient and am taking a drug generally used for chemotherapy. I have been using it to help build my blood count and keep me out of painful crisis. After 3  years of using the drug my blood count started to drop again. I began taking Limu and within six weeks my blood count went back to an acceptable level. I had not changed anything else.

About three months after starting Limu, the arthritis pain in my hands ceased, my hot flashes greatly diminished, and I dropped the stigmatism in my eyes. My energy level is much higher and I attribute all these successes to my consistent use of Limu.   

Dr. Linda Pope, Houston, TX

What I experienced in three to four short weeks was amazing!

I am a surgeon and from 2002-2004 could not appose my thumbs to my fingers without severe burning pain and stiffness. My partner did a lot of my surgical cases during that time. My livelihood was in jeopardy! And, the Aleve was making a mess of my stomach. The physician/scientist in me was skeptical. I tried other nutritional support beverages and supplements with limited benefits.

December 2004, as I started to drink two ounces of LIMU twice each day (above the recommended minimum of one ounce twice daily), I researched FUCOIDAN and LIMU. I learned a lot, but what I experienced in three to four short weeks was amazing!

My pain was gone, energy increased, sleep pattern improved, and digestive problems resolved. I%u2019m back performing delicate two-handed microsurgery. The fatigue of a multiple surgical case load no longer exists. Incidentally, my vision has improved from being a little nearsighted to 20/15 without glasses at a distance, my hair has grown to lengths I had in college, skin has improved and exercise tolerance is greater.

This is not a medicine or cure and I cannot say what it will do for you, just what it did for me. I started for health reasons and shared with friends. I'm a distributor now and the financial freedom of residual income afforded through this opportunity will be phenomenal as the wellness/nutritional beverage industry explodes. Check it out.

Thats me Limu Leader Todd Sinnard in the photo to the right

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Cardiologist discovers Limu through a patient

   George Smith, MD FACC, Memphis, TN
As a cardilogist for 18 years I learned of Limu through a patient. After doing some research myself I started drinking it. There appears to be several readily apparent benefits.

In multiple persons, including myself, I observed a reduction in the frequency of acid reflux, regularity of gastrointestinal activity, a suspected reduction in the frequency of viral infections, especially upper respiratory infections despite a frequent exposure to such infections; also, an apparent decrease in the severity of allergic rhinitis  which in layman's terms is referred to as hay fever and nasal allergies. With over 700 independent studies I believe that Limu is definitely worth taking a look at for your general well-being and over all health. 

 Robert & Cindy Freeman, Crossett, AR

Blood pressure and cholesterol down, insulin cut in half for diabetic
Hi, I'm Robert Freeman. I am diabetic and have been insulin dependent for the past 16 years. I was also taking oral medication for the diabetes. I also have other health issues that go along with diabetes, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A friend shared some information about a new discovery called Limu. After reading the information and taking a look at the health benefits that could be addressed by this product, I decided to start taking it. After 2 1/2 weeks of taking 1 ounce twice a day things started happening. I was able to get off of the oral medication and have cut my insulin in half.

As I continued to take the Limu my blood pressure and cholesterol started to come down. I really believe that because of the Limu I have absolutely changed the quality of my physical life.

We sold our business because of health issues and stress. We were not really ready to retire financially but after we saw the benefits of Limu and started sharing our story and the story of Limu with other people, we have now built an extra source of income for our retirement and living the life style we want to live

    Dr. Kelly Crittenden, Biomedical Engineering, Ruston, LA

Click here and see what the excitement is all about.

When I was first introduced to Limu I was very skeptical but I could not simply dismiss all of the personal testimonies that I had listened to. I went to and searched for  fucoidan. The number of relative journal articles was impressive (over 500 at that time).

I narrowed my search to only include articles that discussed fucoidan and cancer. I read several articles indicating that fucoidan has strong anti-tumor properties. This caught my attention. I was and still am a healthy individual, but I have a strong family history of cancer. I decided to drink Limu as a preventative measure. My family now drinks Limu as well and we have noticed additional physical improvements such as decreased lower back pain and reduction in sinus troubles (which was a very exciting discovery for me!)

I encourage you to do the research for yourself and most importantly try Limu and see what the excitement is all about.

Andrew Panagiotakis & Michelle Rivera, Mays Landing, NJ

I have never witnessed such great demand for a product

I met a lady at the 24-hour Diner I helped operate near Atlantic City, New Jersey that told me of a product called Limu that her friend was taking while battling cancer. Since I had been studying nutritional healing for fifteen years and never heard of this Limu --- I was extremely skeptical about how this plant from the sea might help me and my family's health.

Once I began taking the Limu on a regular basis, I noticed a number of subtle changes. The long hours on my feet associated with my job didn't seem to make me physically exhausted as it usually did. I normally get or "catch" the flu every winter, but since taking the Limu on a regular basis -- this is the third winter in a row that the flu bug has not caught me or my family.

Our son who is normally hyper seemed to "calm down" when he went on the product, and my wife's skin problems started to disappear.

I am not saying this juice is a miracle or a cure but I will say that when the body takes in high quality nutrients that are bio-available for the cells, it seems to me that the body over time can display amazing healing potential. Maybe that's why my doctor's family takes the Limu too.

Finally and maybe just as important, by caring enough for others to share this product with everyone around you a couple of things can happen. You can positively impact someones overall health and wealth.

In my twenty years of networking - type business's I have never witnessed such great demand for a product and service. I still cannot believe that I receive weekly residual checks/earnings for sharing "not selling" this product --- the product sells itself. Let me tell you, when paying your bills does not scare you anymore and having the quality time to spend with your family again, because the financial/money monster as I call it is "lifted" it is a beautiful feeling. That lady and her friends that I met thru my families restaurant business has changed my families life for the better. For better health and better wealth I will always be grateful to her.

Limu owns worldwide rights to the chilled-process extraction of the fucoidan in Limu Moui. This ensures that nutritional intergity is fully preserved...and why people across the globe are discovering the power of this unique Superfood.


Limu leader:   Todd Sinnard - Member #8520995 

 Independent Research Studies on the Key ingredient (Fucoidan)

Email me @ 
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If you desire to change your life, if you want something to make a REAL difference and you want a financial means by which to retire in comfort...LIMU is your ticket to freedom.

  If you are willing to take the few SIMPLE steps we will provide you the support and direction you need to make that happen! Period.
It won't happen overnight but it will happen! It happened to me and it's been happening to others all across the globe. Why not you? Don't wait and wake up in 5 years to regret what you could have started "today".

"The Success Calls are absolutely awesome! Guests can hear from real people making $300-$1,000 in a few short months and from those making 6-figure incomes with this opportunity. It's so exciting every week to hear all the beeps from people getting on the line, and to think of the thousands of people being exposed to this opportunity!" 

 The whistle's blowin' ... ALL ABOARD or be passed by! 
The Nutrients of LIMU
Limu grows naturally in the ocean. It is not synthesized in a lab, so percentages of each nutrient cannot be quantified. However, every bottle of Limu contains 83% Limu.
      - Your Immune System -              
The immune system is the bodys natural defense against infectious organisms & other invaders. It is a complex network of specialized cells that defend the body against attacks and can also fight cancers. This battle by our immune system is continuous, and without it we would quickly be ravaged by diseases.
A healthy immune system recognizes antigens that threaten your health and, through precise cell-to-cell communication, marshals forces to defend against and attack any invaders. After absorbing the foreign invader, special cells called macrophages secrete growth factors that promote a controlled inflammatory reaction to initiate the wound healing process.
Sometimes our immune system attacks our own cells. When that happens, the result is an autoimmune disease, such as Lupus erythermatosis (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, modern medicine has no cures, and treatments, such as steroids, can damage tissues, bones, and our immune system. 
The Nutrients in Limu
Saccharides-Glyconutrients (Essential Sugars)
Alginic Acid
Uronic Acid
                            Amino Acids                           
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

B1 (Thiamin)
B2 (Riboflavin)
B3 (Niacin)
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
 Beta carotene


"Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity. Our very survival may hinge upon it."

     -President John F. Kennedy

Currently excepting new distributors and customers in; USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. And more to come!  

Discover Much More about Limu!




In the photo to the right that’s me Todd Sinnard (LimuTodd) I’m the one on the left, In the photo with me is Rowdy Gaines he was in Beijing China for the Olympic Games he was sponsored by TLC.


 He is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist and holds 11 world records in swimming he has indorsed few products because he was always concerned about his good and trusted name! Because of the profound impact Limu is making in the world he indorses Blu Frog & Limu.


 He was in China to announce the swimming events there Im sure you saw him and has been doing this for many years! We are proud to have him representing Rowdy’s Kids, Blu Frog and Limu! What we hold is going to change the overall health of the world how will you be involved?



 I can assure you this is not a joke! You can be making in excess of $5,000 a month in many cases way more! I will show you how this is done but there is no way it will ever occur if you don’t JOIN NOW!










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